This Blog Is dedicated to myself.
slimcriminal said: Can we share themes yes thank

(◡‿◡✿) no problem.

slimcriminal said: i love marshallmathers' new theme you did a great job!!!!!! #bowdowntothequeen

emineming said: omg, connie, the new theme for marshallmathers is so pretty i cant omfg

it’s my very first theme, kind of simple tho. I’m glad someone likes the theme as much as I do :)

thank you Alyssa~

screamingshadyuntilidie said: You did this gif? marshallmathers(.)tumblr(.)com/post/24294238729, can you give me the name of the font? thanks :)
Anonymous said: stillbeme I just messaged you, and this is crazy, but take the quick survey at tumblrbotDOTnet - free gift card baby. Love, TumblrBot

lol new spam msg..

strydere said: You know your sidebar gif, where did you get the video for that from? xx because i can't find many 8 mile clips :S

I download the movie from thepiratebay :)

slimconscience said: lol same here :) well technically, taiwanese since both of my parents are from taiwan but we all speak chinese.